Mandeville Dentist Explains Causes Of Tooth Decay!

Tooth decay is seriously affected by ingesting too much sugar and carbohydrates which enhance the bacteria responsible for tooth decay.  Poor oral hygiene combined with a diet high in sugars are the perfect combination for tooth decay.  Most individuals will not eliminate sweet and carbs from their diet, so to lessen the damage to their teeth, there are some things to do. Dentist Mandeville La  offers comprehensive dental examinations to assist in improving oral health.

The most important thing to do is to floss daily and schedule teeth cleaning appointments on a regular basis at the dental office. Maintaining good oral health is the first step in preventing cavities. Consuming a healthy balanced diet should be a top priority.  A healthy diet can have a dramatic effect on improving the condition of your teeth. Sugary drinks and snacks should be limited.  When ingested, the sugar remains in your mouth for about twenty minutes causing havoc. That is why it is important to brush your teeth after each meal to lessen the impact. There is a right way to brush your teeth.  By brushing the proper way, you will protect your teeth for years.  Dr. Grand at Grand Family Dentistry will assist you in developing habits that will strengthen your teeth to avoid the causes of tooth decay.